Golf Therapy

GYROTONIC® for Golf was designed by Juliu Horvath, founder of Gyrotonic, and David Rasmussen, a PGA golf instructor. Specific exercises have been developed to improve your golf swing and prevent injury.

GYROTONIC® ST. LOUIS Central is now offering private sessions for golf enthusiasts interested in enhancing their performance. These exercises strengthen the lumbar spine and abdominal regions, areas of the body which are so vulnerable to injury during golf.

GYROTONIC® exercises go beyond conventional strength training. These movements give golfers the best combination of strength training and flexibility training for the muscular system. Balance and realignment is the key to creating normal, natural movement for golfers.

The GYROTONIC® exercise system has multiple exercises for every part of the body and each movement involved in the golf swing. This system will help you increase and strengthen your hip and shoulder turn, improve your cardiovascular fitness and make the whole body more open and flexible.

With GYROTONIC® training, golfers will be able to play more consistently and play without the fear of injury. It helps all golfers improve faster, and ultimately enjoy the game more.

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