Anne Thomasson

Anne earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri Columbia, and went on to study massage therapy in 1993. She completed her GYROKINESIS® training in Lenox, MA in 2003 and GYROTONIC® training in 2004 in Chicago. She completed her Gyrokinesis® & Gyrotonic® certification with Juliu himself in 2005.

Anne has trained in many massage modalities. These include: sports massage, deep tissue and swedish massage, Myofascial Release, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology.

Anne believes in the efficacy of integrated therapies to maintain overall health and wellness. An exercise enthusiast for many years, she has personally experienced the benefits of the work she now offers.

Anne is trained in Gyrotonic® Level 1 & Level 2, in Gyrokinesis®, and has extensive training on all of the Specialized Equipment.  Anne’s original training in Gyrokinesis® was with Young-ah Kim, Master Trainer, and her training in Gyrotonic® was with Juergen Bamberger, Master Trainer.  She currently holds the title of Gyrotonic® PRE-TRAINER and is aspiring to become a Master Trainer.

Anne is passionate about using her education in Gyrotonic® to help those with specialized needs that go beyond the art of exercise.  Anne has trained with Paul Horvath, Juliu’s brother in Therapeutic Applications for Gyrotonic®.  She has special knowledge of Therapeutic applications for Osteoporosis and Scoliosis as well as being trained in Psoas for Gyrotonic®.  Anne recently finished her training with Uwe Herbstreit for Scoliosis, Pelvic Girdle, and Shoulder Girdle Work.  Over the years, she has also completed specialized Gyrotonic® trainings for Golfers, Dancers, and for Elite Athletes.

Thanks to the dedication of clients and friends, GYROTONIC® SAINT LOUIS Central has become the premier St. Louis area facility for the serious study of the Gyrokinesis®, and Gyrotonic® exercise methods.  Since its inception, the facility has helped improve the fitness level and quality of life of numerous clients including professional dancers, performers, skaters, and athletes.  Anne is proud to be the Studio Owner and Manager of our beautiful establishment.

Even after 25 years of performing massage therapy, exercise and conditioning, our founder and director – Anne Thomasson – still considers herself a student, looking for ways to improve the strength and flexibility of the human body.  She partners clients to help them realize their individual goals and understand their unique abilities.

Candice Voegtli

Candice Voegtli is a lifetime dancer with an extensive background in fitness, weight training, Pilates and GYROTONIC® Methodology. Candice trained under certified Dunham instructor Theo Jamison and Keith Tyrone Williams for 15 years at the City Studio Dance Center.  Along with dance classes in Dunham Technique and Ethnic Jazz. She studied Pilates with Michael Miller and was an avid participant for three years before being introduced to the Gyrotonic® Methodology at GYROTONIC® SAINT LOUIS Central 14 years ago. She is currently certified to teach the Level 1 and Level II (program A) Gyrotonic Methodology. She is also certified trainer in Jump Stretch Board, Gyrotoner, and Leg Extension Unit. Workshops she has completed are: Gyrotonic® PSOAS Principles developed by Master Trainer, Juergen Bamberger & Gyrotonic® Therapeutic method for Shoulder Girdle developed by Master Trainer Uwe Herbstreit.

Outside of Gyrotonic®, she is currently studying Neuro-Kinetic Therapy working toward her Level 1 certification.  She has been a Board member of Modern American Dance Company (MADCO) for the past six years. Candice worked in the health care industry for 25 years. She is married and all her children have paws.

Christine Kardell

Christine Kardell is an independent dance teacher, choreographer, certified GYROTONIC® trainer and GYROKINESIS® instructor.  She holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri and a Masters Degree in Liberal Arts from Washington University.  She has comprehensive ballet pedagogical knowledge as well as extensive experience in choreography and musical theatre.  Ms. Kardell owned and operated her own dance studio, DuFrenne Dance Academy, for many years and has been an adjunct faculty member at Webster University, University of Missouri-St Louis, and guest faculty for Stephens College, Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp, and the American College Dance Festival.  She worked at COCA, The Center of Creative Arts, as the Pre Professional Division Manager, Rehearsal Director for Ballet Eclectica, and member of the dance faculty teaching advanced ballet, pointe and variations, jazz, choreography, and floor barre.  Ms. Kardell currently conducts independent dance/movement workshops throughout the Midwest as well as private lessons to promising young dancers.

Ms. Kardell has been training in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, a movement, rehabilitation, and body conditioning system created by Juliu Horvath and is a Level 2 Certified trainer.  Since becoming certified, Ms. Kardell has enriched her movement knowledge by completing the Gyrotonic® Applications for Dancers course, becoming certified to teach on the specialized Jump Stretch Board and Leg Extension Unit, and is now working toward completing Gyrokinesis® certification.

Through her experiences as a former professional dancer, choreographer, business owner, university teacher, yoga practitioner, and movement educator, Ms. Kardell is able to provide students of all levels with the essential guidance and instruction to realize their full potential effectively and safely.   Photography by Shelby Kardell; Contact at:

Cynthia McCollum

Cynthia McCollum has been teaching Classical Ballet at the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) since 2007. She began her dance education at the age of seven. At seventeen, Cynthia was the first American to be accepted into the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, Australia where she studied for two years. She danced professionally with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company in Canada and the Hartford Ballet Company in Connecticut where she began teaching ballet after retiring from professional dance.

Cynthia started the Gyrotonic® Methodology with Anne Thomasson in 2013 at GYROTONIC® SAINT LOUIS Central. She is currently licensed to teach Level 1 of the Gyrotonic® Expansion Method, as well as specialized equipment: Gyrotoner, Jumping-Stretching Board and Leg Extension Unit, providing her clients with a broader range of exercises for strengthening and increasing flexibility based upon their individual needs. Gyrotonic® balances core strength and flexibility into any daily activity in people of all ages. Cynthia has personally experienced many of the benefits of how gentle spinal motions in coordination with breathing patterns lengthens and strengthens all muscles and joints of the body. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and experience in the Gyrotonic® Method, and helping other people achieve their goals.

Shannon Bucklin, GYROTONIC ApprenticeShannon Bucklin

A Glenview, Illinois native, Shannon graduated from Webster University in St. Louis in May of 2014, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Modern Dance and a minor in Photography.  While at Webster she worked with great faculty and staff as well as renowned guest artists.  In the summer of 2011 she studied abroad in Cha-Am, Thailand, practicing classical Thai dance. A history of disc issues in her spine has led her to GYROTONIC®.  She finished her Foundation training in 2014, her Gyrotonic® Apprenticeship in 2015, and is currently licensed to teach Level 1 of the Gyrotonic® Expansion Method.  Shannon is excited to continue moving forward in the field and helping others grow within this methodology. 


Jennifer ReillyJennifer Reilly

Jennifer Reilly is a graduate of Lindenwood University in St. Louis.  She holds degrees in Dance, Math and Secondary Education.  Ms. Reilly has extensive training in ballet and modern and is an accomplished performer, choreographer and teacher.  In 2001, she danced with Taylor 2 in Esplanade and later that year joined Modern American Dance Company, the professional dance company in residence @ the Touhill Performing Arts Center (MADCO).  She was appointed the company’s Rehearsal Director in 2004 and served as Director and dancer until Spring 2015.  MADCO holds five of her works in its current repertoire and she played a major role in the creation of the company’s full-length production of Chimera. She has served as a guest artist at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, State University of New York in Fredonia and as a workshop teacher at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  Jennifer has worked with Robert Battle, Janice Garrett, Michael Foley, John Beasant III, Gina Patterson, and Michael Uthoff among many others. In 2010-13, she was the Rehearsal Director for Dance St. Louis’ education and outreach program at Central Visual Performing Arts High School. From 2001-2014, Jennifer was co-owner and Associate Artistic Director of Midwest Dance Academy, Inc located in O’Fallon IL.   In addition, she founded Metro Dance Company, NFP in 2006 and still serves as Artistic Director.  Reilly is also currently working at Sports Medicine & Training Center where she is the Dance Medicine Coordinator.  In June 2015, Jennifer completed her certification and is currently licensed to teach Level 1 of the GYROTONIC® Expansion Method and the GYROKINESIS® Method.  She is thrilled to be a part of the Gyrotonic® family and continue to share her passion for teaching and knowledge of the body to all walks of life at GYROTONIC® SAINT LOUIS Central.

Nicole WhitesellNicole Whitesell

Nicole R. Whitesell graduated Magna Cum Laude from Missouri State University with a BFA in Dance Performance. Upon graduation Nicole moved to New York City to join Dodge Dance Company. While living in New York she danced with Dodge Dance Company, the Amy Marshall Dance Company, and picked up performances whenever given the opportunity. Nicole also has a passion for teaching. Since moving back to St. Louis, Nicole has continued performing and teaching throughout the St. Louis area at several studios and has taught adjunct at Webster University. She is the Rehearsal Director and a dancer with Modern American Dance Company (MADCO) and the Artistic Director/Curriculum Coordinator at Rokita Dance Center in St. Peters, Missouri. Nicole is thrilled to have been introduced to GYROTONIC® and to be working at GYROTONIC® SAINT LOUIS Central.




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