Therapeutic Applications

Anne Thomasson GyrokinesisGYROTONIC® ST. LOUIS Central has all the specialized equipment available in the GYROTONIC® system. Each piece is designed to provide targeted therapeutic benefits. For example, the GYROTONER® is so important for rehabilitating the shoulder. The Leg Extension Unit is critical for restoring strength to the feet and knees. The Jumping Stretching Board is unsurpassed for stretching and strengthening the spine, core and legs. The Ladder and the Archway are optimal for stretching and elongating the body for facial release. The Pulley Tower itself has numerous applications for therapeutic use for the entire body.

Anne Thomasson, owner of GYROTONIC® ST. LOUIS Central, has been a therapeutic massage practitioner for 20 years. She has extensive knowledge of the body and profound knowledge of GYROTONIC® methodology.

Anne has studied therapeutic applications for the shoulder girdle and pelvis with Paul Horvath, Juliu Horvath’s brother and studied therapeutic applications for the pelvis in April 2012 with Uwe Herbstreit. Anne has studied with Master Trainer Hilary Cartwright for work with hip replacement clients and with Master Trainer Angela Crowley to learn more about the energetic connections that are so unique to the work of GYROTONIC®. Certified Master Trainer Juergen Bamberger has been a source of inspiration for Anne and the work she brings to her clients.

Desk Based Occupations

Modern reliance on computers requires us to remain seated for long periods, often contributing to poor posture, lower back pain and repetitive strain injuries. The GYROTONIC® exercise method will encourage better postural awareness and release tension throughout the body.


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is an ideal exercise during and after pregnancy as it will relieve lower back pain and constipation, while energizing the body to combat fatigue. It also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, help prevent swollen legs and varicose veins, concentrate on body alignment and improve posture. As well as building strength and stamina for the birthing process, the exercises will increase blood circulation and oxygen to the womb. The program is adapted accordingly during each stage of pregnancy. After the birth, safe, gentle exercises recover body shape and tone.

Senior Citizens

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® provides wonderful exercise for older clients as they are especially effective at relieving back pain, joint stiffness, arthritis and tension throughout the body. The client can work out in a quiet and calming environment and leave the studio feeling relaxed and energized


Clients Recovering from Injury or Surgery

This gentle postural rehabilitation program is often recommended by doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapists to rebuild muscle and strength after surgery or after years of injury or strain. The non-weight bearing exercises are tailored to accommodate the injured area with the correct amount of resistance to provide both stimulation and support. Individual training with specific hands-on support ensures that the client is always exercising safely.

If you are suffering from an acute problem, we recommend that you see your doctor or physiotherapist prior to attending the studio. We then would be happy to work with your specialist in addressing the underlying cause.

People suffering general Health Problems

Regular practice of the GYROTONIC® technique can help alleviate conditions such as asthma, tension headaches, depression, seasonal affective disorders, ME and everyday stress. This system promotes healthy cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, and high blood pressure can be reduced by regular controlled exercise.

Sports benefitting from GYROTONIC

Athletes and Dancers in Training

The GYROTONIC® method has been, for many years, been used by dancers, and now athletes (even football players) around the world incorporate these techniques into their training regime. They are ideal for developing a steely inner core, and for enhancing performance by developing stamina, co-ordination and strength. Particular attention can be paid to re-balancing symmetry in the body upset by repetitive movement patterns and overuse injuries. The entire musculature becomes evenly balanced and conditioned, and so is less prone to injury.

GYROTONIC® exercise takes a holistic, all-inclusive approach to total health and healing, following the ethos of alternative medicine. Athletes and dancers have turned to GYROTONIC® exercise for not only general fitness but as an alternative to unsuccessful physical therapy and rehabilitation. Many athletes report increased stamina and endurance by regularly performing GYROTONIC® exercises.

Tennis Players

GYROTONIC® exercises can enhance a tennis player’s overall performance, resulting in a notable increase in strength, speed, and flexibility. Circular and spiraling movements help to release the body through space, improving agility and allowing the player’s motion on court to become more powerful and completely under control. Plus the development of better balance and coordination can help prevent injuries. Tennis professional all over the world are seeing the benefits of the Gyrotonic methodology.

Arthritis and other Joint Problems

Many exercise systems enhance strength, flexibility, healthy breathing patterns, posture and coordination, but gyrotonic exercise offers additional benefits. The secret to its success lies in its rotary movements. While these moves are essential to sports such as golf and tennis, they get minimal use in daily activities. Rotary exercise stimulates synovial fluid, which is the fluid that protects the joints. Practicing rotary exercise on a regular basis might prevent arthritis and other joint problems.

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