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Anne Thomasson

Anne Thomasson has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1993. She was originally trained at the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis, by Carol Madsen and Martin Orimenko. She has studied many forms of Body Work with many well known Masters. Her techniques include Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Russian Neuromuscular Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology. During a massage session, Anne blends her techniques to adapt to the needs of the client.

Please contact Anne at 314.409.0229 or to schedule an appointment.

Ray Norris


In 1995, Ray chose to pursue a career in massage therapy.  He began attending Blue Cliff School in Louisiana.  He now has 20 years of experience.  His combined knowledge and experience of personal training, massage therapy, yoga, along with his competitive sports background, has heightened his awareness and knowledge of the importance of proper exercise to strengthen and balance various muscles to reduce the risk of injuries and improve those areas that may have become weakened from previous injuries.  He has a natural talent for discovering why people have pain and how to make it better whether due to a sports injury or just living life.  Working with athletes from various backgrounds such as; pro-wrestlers, football players, runners, cyclists, tennis players, and MMA fighters, has provided added insight and knowledge on ways to improve and prevent injuries to the body.

Ray Norris
30 minute massage – $40
60 minute massage – $65
75 minute massage – $75
90 minute massage – $90

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray phot

Before she became a LMT, Sarah went to school and received her Associates of Nursing and Science. She worked as an ER RN at one of the busiest hospitals in St.Louis. Sarah has an extensive background studying the body and how it works. A few years ago Sarah decided to change her career path. She transferred from working in the mainstream healthcare industry into the holistic health and wellness industry. She directed her knowledge and passion of health and wellness towards a holistic approach to help people and make them feel great! Sarah specializes in many modalities, including Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Myofacial Release, Trigger Point, Accupressure Therapy, Prenatal massage, and Sports massage. She loves to integrate the different modalities into each massage for a customized experience just for the client.

Come in and let Sarah help you relax and let go of stress of everyday life.

Please contact Sarah at (618) 670-9110 or to schedule an appointment.

Sarah Gray
30 minute massage – $45
60 minute massage – $75
90 minute massage – $95

Jennifer Bochantin

Jennifer BochantinJennifer Bochantin, M.Ed. has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999. She is a graduate of Kaleidoscope School of Massage in University City, MO. Since her first exposure to CORE Myofascial Release work (a form of structural integration effecting the fascial system of the body) when her own back pain was positively effected while she was in massage school, she became passionate about learning and applying that work to her clients. She has studied under George Kousaleos (CORE Institute School of Massage, FL). Jennifer has honed her skills in applying this work, and other modalities like Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish and pre-natal massage, over the last 16 years in several settings. She worked for 14 years at a chiropractic office, and for 2 years at a sports rehabilitation massage practice in Creve Coeur. For the last two years, Jennifer has worked independently out of Swim, Bike, Run/Fleet Feet in Town and Country.  She has been able to help new runners to marathoners and ultra-runners, as well as first-time sprint distance triathletes up to Ironman triathletes, aiding her clients with injury prevention, improved performance, and shortened recovery time. Jennifer looks forward to assessing you and your body to tailor your session to your specific needs and goals, and utilizing her varied skills to help you achieve them.

Please contact Jennifer at 314-914-0070 or to schedule an appointment.

Jennifer Bochantin
60 minute  –  $85
90 minute  –  $110
120 minute  –  $130

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